Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IPhone 3G problem.

Few days ago I started to have problems with my IPhone, problem is very simple then I'm turn on 3G (Settings->General->Network->3G) my mobile operator is gone - "No Service... Searching..." Then I turn it off, my "Omnitel" is back.

Maybe anyone have similar problem? 

More Google Code!!

Few days ago google announced this:
We're increasing the maximum file sizes from 20MB to 40MB, Subversion quotas from 100MB to 1GB, and download quotas from 100MB to 2GB.
So have a nice coding folks! :) O.S.4eva. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monumental Video projection 2009

Wow! this is really cool stuff!

Unit Testing 2

Is your code full of if statements? Switch statements? Do you have the same switch statement in various places? When you make changes do you find yourself making the same change to the same if/switch in several places? Did you ever forget one?

This is very nice. The guy really knows how to explain things in easy to understand way! Thanks Misko!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Password Protect any application.

Don't know how to do this?

Then EMPHATY is for you.
Empathy is a special utility allowing you to password-protect any executable file. Empathy can modify an EXE file so that it will require a password to run. Only a person knowing the password will be allowed to run the protected program.
Empathy is postcardware. You can use it freely for an unlimited period...

Google Tasks

Today I noticed that Google added new feature to it's Labs, it's called Tasks! Now You can organize your day, meetings and etc.. It's like TODO list in your Gmail.

Resource: Here

Google Web Security.

Hehe today I found intresting video, IMHO it's very logical idea for Google since Google has the information about practically everything.

"Guide to Writing Testable Code"

To keep our code at Google in the best possible shape we provided our software engineers with these constant reminders. Now, we are happy to share them with the world.
I found these guidelines useful not just for testing purposes but in general, it is great to have such style design. It's more readable, more understandable and have more performance.

Resource: HERE.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Notice when web site goes down/up !

Have you ever was pisse* off checking some web site which is currently down, or your home page/blog goes down and you notice it just some time latter.
Now I have an solution for ya:
Ding It's Up is a free service that alerts you via text (SMS), twitter or email when a website goes down or when it comes back up. We will never send you a text/email unless it is to inform you about a website you requested information for - you can unsubscribe at any time.
Resource: Here.

Unit Testing.

This is great video from Google about Unit Testing:

I really want to start doing UT in my code.

Yes, it's time consuming(it seems like this at first :) ).
Yes, the amough of code is approximatelly the same as your original code.
But hey, then you have unit tests you can easily know that all your classes and etc works correctly, you can easily catch bugs, you can easily reproduce the bugs latter.
And in the end it really helps to save time after you finish your product, because it's tested already in some cases, and if some bug happens you can easily write a test for it and see what will happen, Then you exactly will know what went wrong.

New Google Reader Look.

Nice, Today I noticed that Google reader has new look, awesome! 

What's new:

  • Updated look and feel - nice smooth looking ;)
  • Collapsible navigation - thats is, I think, Very useful then you have subscribed lots of feeds.
  • Hide unread counts - hehe this is most useful think for me, because sometimes it really disturbs me, then i come to work and see that i have 1000+ unread messages, so I HAVE TO read or at least look at them all, and that's just consumes a lot of my time, since I could do some code instead :)
  • More feed bundles! - Feed bundles are small sets of feeds related to a topic that you can subscribe to all at once. Historically, these were done "by hand" by the Reader team :)
What's moved:
  • The "Refresh" button from the subscription list is now in the Subscriptions options menu or triggered by simply clicking on the word "Subscriptions"
  • The "Show all - updated" controls are now in the Subscriptions options menu.
  • The "Add subscription" button has moved to the top of the navigation pane.

I think Google Reader  is the best RSS reader ever :) 
Some time ago I was using some application to read RSS and that is just silly then you have to open it each time, it lagged a lot, and was looking like real sh*t :) and it was not synchronized with each other, so that I read at work, and need to remember and mark as "readed" then I back home.

Resource: Here. 

Another Google Phone.

Australian-based tech importer Kogan has revealed the first Google Android-based phone that will ship in Australia -- and only the second that will ship worldwide.
It's called "Agora", and there are two models that will be sold outright, without contract to any network. Agora will cost $299, and Agora Pro $399. Both models include HSDPA 3G, Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR, QWERTY keyboard, 2.5” touchscreen and a microSD slot. The Pro adds WiFi, GPS and a 2.0 megapixel camera to the base model's specs. 

I think this is nice news, since I'm happy with my iPhone but in another hand I want to try this one too :) The biggest plus of Google android is that Google Android is Open Source.

Resource: Here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Melt Mail. Your Temporary e-mail forwarding

Have you ever downloaded a software, where you have to register with your e-mail to receive the activation-code or the download-link?
Have you ever registered to a forum with your real e-mail, just to post one question?
There are a lot of scenarios as such. And in every case, you give your real e-mail address and get tons of junk-mail as a thank you.
With Melt Mail, you only give your unique Melt Mail address (which forwards to your own), get the desired information and after a defined period of time (the melting point) the Melt Mail address will be deleted.
I found this very useful few days ago, then i had to register to some random forum for some information.
But others can hate this service by saying that what if they forget password or smth, so I have to say, that for random forum/etc. use simple password, which one you will never forget.

You can read more/ try it HERE.