Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My second discrete mathematics term paper is finished.

Last week I finished my discrete mathematics second term paper. It was pretty interesting and kinda very simple, the assignment was to create an algorithm to calculate Gaussian Inverse of matrix ( huh, work with old good matrix ) .
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The features are:
# Unlimited* *(±5.0 × 10−324 to ±1.7 × 10308) matrix size (but C# dataGridView component is VERY and VERY slow...)
# Very fast calculation algorithm.

REPOST: My discrete mathematics term paper is finished.

Yesterday I finished my discrete mathematics term paper, it was about comparing two heuristics graph coloring algorithms, it’s RLF [Recursive Largest First] and DSATUR - named because of it’s saturation degree. It’s was pretty fun programming :) My findings was that RLF algo works faster, and kinda better.

h ere you can see a screenshoot:
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REPOST: My new (old) thing for my ears.

Last week I bought iPod NANO Second Generation 4GB, and I’m really happy about it, it really worth that price, because it’s very small, VERY FAST working (no stuck’s, no glitches), battery life is up to 24 hours !! :), it’s easily synchronizes with my PC and all songs are updating automatically (not by default), and I can bring with my self about 1000 mp3. It’s just amazing.

I found just one minus, I don’t find photos possibility useful, IMHO apple could do iPod nano 2g more smaller and just for music and that you could see CD cover, that would be very enough :). So this is my opinion about my new techy thing.

REPOST: Some fresh news in Music organizing.

Do you have a lot of music? Do you organizing/tagging it by your self (like me) ? then keep reading.

I always was using Winamp 2.91 + HotKeys plugin, because it’s small, low memory usage and etc. I have about ~9000 songs. And I organizing my music by my very self, tagging by my self, tagging is most boring process… Until now. I downloaded newest Winamp version 5.5, and found pretty nice new feature “Auto-Tag”. Auto-Tag connects to Gracenote music databas , checks mp3 fingerprint (I think so :) ) and gets tags. So I tagged ALL my music in ~ 10 mins. :) Isn’t it cool ?

REPOST: Tools vol.1 (On Fresh System)

Now what about tools that my be useful to every one who works with pc more than 6 hours a day :) Then i reinstalled XP, first I installed was ant-virus(need to be fast, and with low memory usage), my choose was NOD32, because it’s very light and ultra fast. Also I installed, Mozilla Firefox, why ? because it’s best browser in the world! Also CCleaner to remove all kinds of junk. This was first software I installed on fresh system. Now I’ll prepare for work: fist I install Free Launch Bar and create structure like this :

Now I can install software I need and put shortcuts into right places.

REPOST: My New System.

Few weeks ago I both new laptop (my first one) Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi2528. It’s pretty nice laptop, BUT by default it has vista installed… I thought It might be cool to work with new OS, but vista s*x, yes it good looking, but that’s all.

1. Vista uses a lot of ram (if you work with Aero it might be about 1.5 GB ram usage).

2. Vista lags (my laptop is Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz).

Thats why, I as fast I could installed win XP, of course with some problems, I needed XP installation with integrated jRaid & SATA drivers.

I solve that pretty fast, just used nLite ( more here )

Now my system is full set up & ready to go :)

Next my post will be about Tools that I use, and recommend.

REPOST: No floppy problem.

Today, I have solved very interesting problem, my friend gave me his laptop and asked to install win XP, it’s pretty simple I thought BUT, then you boot your xp cd, u get message that your hard drive could not be found. There is sata hdd. I google for some solutions, but all of them is solved with pc’s that have floppy, you just download sata drivers, create floppy and then boot XP cd just hit F6. But on that laptop is no floppy :/ so I made decision and solved that problem quite easy. I downloaded tool called nLite, then I with nLite I integrated sata drivers into new XP iso, burned, booted and it’s DONE :)

If you have any questions, contact me.

REPOST: My Summer Work

This summer I try to relax from PC/Programming etc, and now I’m working as a installer for KOMPAN playgrounds in Lithuania. :) It’s a prety cool job, you with your team get the document for playground, you easy (sometimes) can understand the concept :) and then you can go and install/build that :)