Thursday, January 8, 2009

Japan 01 - Travel To Japan.

As you all know (maybe not all of you) I'm in Japan now. How I get here? So this is first story about how I get here.
So I left Lithuania about 7:30 AM, I flight about 2:30 to Amsterdam, my next plane to Tokyo is in 6 hours... so I walked around Schiphol airport for long time, two times fall a sleep and etc.., that was really boring...
Finally my plane to Tokyo arrived and I flight to there about 12 hours!!! OMG!!! that was really painful for my ass :) but there was and bright side, because food and drinks was free and in frond of each passenger was a TV where you can watch newest movies and TV series, so it was kinda nice flight. After a flight I've got to go through Japanese Migration Inspection, at first that was kinda scary but latter everything seems to be ok. Baggage time... I waited for my baggage for about an hour... no baggage... they lost it, or it left in Amsterdam or smth like that, so I prepared papers with information about it and left this deal to them. Some time latter they called and said that they found my baggage and it will be there next day, ok next day come and they call again... "we have your baggage, but we cracked it little bit, we're very sorry for that, and we will send you a magazine from which you can choose a new one" woow :) that's nice, I love how they work here. So I choose new bag, and I have it now :) It cost's about 900 LTL and I get it kinda for free :)

More posts about me in Japan latter.