Thursday, February 7, 2008

Laptop lid crackle problem.

Some days ago my laptop lid started to crackled then I close/open it. At first I haven't noticed it, but latter it started to crackle more and more loud. I step up and solved this problem with WD-40. I sprayed some to these places:

Now my lid works ( moves ) smooth and soft.
P.S. If you will do the same be careful!! do not spay onto lid screen, keyboard, ect.. ( you can't hurt them but you can have a long trip to clean thing ( oil ) out :) ) also save your or your work watching friend eyes!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lost (and i'm happy) in my education.

So if we go back in time ( with time machine or somehow ) , I was young and stupid(not so, keep reading and you will know why). My birth (&soul) town is Vilnius I've finished school there. All my life I've thought about my future being a programmer, because I started wondering about programming when I was a little boy, so I've imagined that being a student will be so cool and interesting. But I didn't know where to go up to study, yes in Vilnius there are two good universities where you can study Computer Science, this is VGTU and VU but there are some minuses that I don't like, this is a lot of theoretics, so I entered to best in Lithuania university in Computer Science this is KTU (Kaunas University of Technology), best is because that there are a lot of practice, they use newest technology (sometimes), but I need to relocate to Kaunas. I thought it would be nice to know new city, new people, new (student) life-style and etc. Yes at very first half of years it was nice, interesting and wonderful, but latter it became to a sad sight, because I'm so ALONE there, all my best friends and my girlfriend was in Vilnius, all my soul is in Vilnius. So I've suffered some more time ( about an two years ). And thats it. Now I've made my decision, I will go back and continue one's studies in Vilnius. Also I've a got very good job in DtecNet software international company as a anti-piracy and tools to change human factor in the company, division programmer(C#).

And I have
no regrets about unfinishing my studies in KTU. (maybe I'll back there to finish my Master degree but it will be some time latter and with big MAYBE)

Now I'm very happy ( how to ) and will try to live with that.