Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best browser made a very cool test of all top-used browsers these days,
Browsers used:
Test results


Resource: Here


Yeah, maybe Google Chrome is the best in speed, but I still cant use it every time, because it does't have any plugins support, that why Mozilla is my default browser, Chrome is good for fast links review, news reading, web surfing, but not for my work :)

History of led's: "The LED"

Make magazine presents very intresting and infuent video :

Photo Post No.1

Hey folks, this is my first post in this case, for now I only share this on DeviantArt account, but I  think it might be interesting to show *best* of them here (these are first photos of my tests with my new camera):





Please, feel free to leave your comments, critics, suggestions, and whatever you want to say about it :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Threading in C#

FREE Book can be found here

This post is just recomendation for all who want to know/learn more about threading, especially threading in C#.

This book, helped me understand a lot about threading, and how it really works, how I can use it in my software sollutions and etc. After this I can say I have a quite understanding about what I do in this area :)

Thanks you Joseph, thank you a lot :)


(image taken from here)

This weekend i'm and my friends will try to start our mission in this intresting game :)

More about game:
Everyone has, at some point, searched for an entertaining new activity – just like the character played by Michael Douglas in the movie "Game,” who seems to have everything but is easily bored. One year Douglas’ character receives a very special present for his birthday. His brother presents him "the game,” which mixes fantasy with reality and it is impossible to get out of until it is finished.

After watching that movie a very adventurous man from Belarus, Ivan Masljukov, decided to turn it into reality. In 2001 he created the active urban game called "Encounter.”

At the moment, there are about 6,841 teams and 69,371 players registered in 159 cities around the globe. These are people of different professions, sex, religions and age (starting 18 by the rules of the game and going up to 60 as the practice shows) all united by one thing – the passion for adventure.

This is only "the game” at first sight – the real "encounter” prepares itself for each game like for war and each level is a battle of minds. This is a game that becomes one’s reality, makes eyes sparkle and takes the breath away. Little by little it draws the participant deeper, taking them in with its absolute unpredictability. This is a lifestyle.

There are a few types of "encounter,” but the most popular are the combat games, played by teams. Each team is divided into a "coordination center” and "field players,” who in turn set up the car-crews. Everyone has an access to the Internet – that’s where the game starts and all assignments and communication happens.

The coordination center is obviously for "coordinating” where to go while the crews are doing the dirty work – they go to the place and actually take the code. There are approximately 10 codes in each game, hidden in uninhabited places. These places could be anything from old houses and huge abandoned factories to military and industrial objects, pipes at boiler-houses where one has to climb to the very top to get the code, or under the ground in a sewerage system.

After one code is inserted into the game system, the team gets another assignment and it continues until all of them are done. Combat games are played on Saturdays, starting at 9:00 p.m. and going all the way until the morning. It is definitely much healthier and more fun to spend time doing this than drinking in some sultry night club.

Another type of "encounter” game is a new development this summer and definitely worth mentioning - Wet Wars. In this game everyone is the predator and the prey at the same time.

Each player receives the profile of a victim and has their profile given out to another player. Once the prey is hunted down the object is to shoot them with a water-weapon. The prey’s task is to avoid the predator.

Once the prey is "killed” they give out their "life-code,” which then has to be entered on the Web site. By doing this, the predator receives the profile of a new victim. Finally, the number of participants is narrowed down to two and they start hunting each other.

The last but not least interesting, is the "Photo Hunt.” In this game the players receive guidelines for each task, formulated in one sentence or a few words. There are about 10 tasks all together and the objective is to make the most creative and high-quality photo according to the guidelines. This game usually lasts for a few days or even weeks, so there is the possibility to carefully plan each shoot.

Encounter is a game that is able to interest anyone of any age or character. It is an international network that makes it all too easy to get addicted for life.

This description taken from here.

Want to annoy your friends or LOL a lot ?

Watch this (wolf, bear, rabbit):

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google Profiles

Huh, Google released new interesting feature, it's easy way to represent your self it's Google Profiles.

If you want to setup yours, you can go to this link (login to your email account first)

You can find my profile here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tokyo, I'm comming!!!


(picture taken from here)

So I have good news! I'm going to Tokyo!!! and be there for about two weeks! woohoo.

I'll celebrate new year in traditional japanese style, visit some old cities, see the deepness of the japanese culture. It was my dream to visit Japan since I was kid, first all it was about samurais, latter technology, then anime, and now I want to see it all! I definately will go to Akihabara since I'll live in about 20 minutes way by foot from it :)
So then i'll be there i'll post new things about it and what happening :)

Btw. I'll leave Lithuania 28th of December and back 12th of January.

"gold" in code

Recently I was in the middle of bug searching in some of my sources. And accidentally started to laugh, LAUD :)
And you know why ? because of a genius naming of my methods....

here is some examples:

So the conclusion of this post, is that sometimes is nice to see smth like this, cuz it's fun, and in other hand, it's very nasty thing then you need to find a bug in such a methods :D imagine if all method naming is smth like that...  =)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hidden Visual Studio shortcuts (Tips and Tricks)

Here is an list of hidden shortcuts for Visual Studio IDE.
Go To Definition - F12
Navigate through Go To Definition Stack - CTRL + SHIFT + 7 (goes forward), CTRL + SHIFT + 8 (goes back)
Find all references - SHIFT + F12
Navigate through any list in IDE - F8
Code snippets - CTRL + SPACE
Insert snippet - press TAB 2x.
Display a list of all possible snippets - CTRL + K + X
Insert missing reference - CTRL + .

CodeRush Xpress add-in features & shortcuts (I'll mention just thous which are useful for me, but there are much more of them):
Select Camel parts of text - SHIFT +ALT + arrows (<=, =>).
Select logical code blocks - CTRL + ALT + (+/-).

Resources: Microsoft Visual C# IDE: Tips and Tricks