Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Browser

Yesterday Google Released Google Chrome - Google browser!
It's pretty nice, I really feel that it works much more faster than Mozilla Firefox (but i have lots of add-ons on it).
Chrome has some nice features, f.ex multi-threading, each tab is new process, and browser will not freeze if java script will run on one tab and etc.... 
Also you can try type "about:memory" into address bar, and you'll see all running browsers memory usage in geek style :)
I'll try to use it for a day and then i'll say my opinion about it, and what i'm missing in it.

iPhone 3G

Hey, few days ago I ordered iPhone 3G, black one, 8GB (hope it'll be enough storage for me) woohoo!!, can't wait I'll hold it in my hands :)

My first steps will be Unlock it to use in Lithuania with any sim-card, Jailbreak it - to use any software without much pain, and install tiger-x86 through vmware on my win-based pc, and try to develop some app's by my self.
I'll let you know how I unlocked it and etc. Maybe I'll post an article how I did that.
Many cool stuff you can find at iPhone wiki. (Thanks to George Hotz ).